Lebanese Flavor is for Thanksgiving!

Let’s fill the table with love, happy memories,
and deliciousness.

Bring great flavor and good health (with plenty of splurges!) to your Thanksgiving table! My Thanksgiving recipes will help you with ideas for your full menu and any dish that’s yours to bring to the buffet. Find all kinds of mezze and appetizers, including the Best Homemade Hummus and Baba Gannouj. Make gorgeous side dishes including My Mom’s Special Rice and Pomegranate Glazed Sweet Potatoes. The salads are so so good: try a Lebanese Salad with lemony vinaigrette, Fattoush Salad, or Village Salad with chopped apples in the mix. And of course, the Lebanese recipes we love to celebrate with at any feast: All of the Lebanese Kibbeh recipes you need, Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves, Hushweh Rice Pilaf. Bake up a storm with my step-by-step instructions for excellent Fatayer, Lebanese Spinach Pies, Garlic Knots with Za’atar, Talami Bread, and finish it all off with homemade pie–my recipes will get you there with great success using Oil Pie Crust and an Apple Pie and Pecan Pie, both including orange blossom water (you will LOVE!). Looking for great ingredients? Shop the Market, we’ll get everything out to you immediately!

Potato Favorites:

Light Salads

Big on flavor with a light touch on the plate with all of the other richness of the menu.

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Kitchen Tips

What is Bulgur?

Bulgur is a staple of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, a key ingredient in dishes like tabbouleh. This grain one…

Pie Central!

Homemade Bread

Make ahead and enjoy fresh bread for Thanksgiving Day and over the holiday weekend.

The Baklawa Tradition

My simplified recipes make it easier and the results are just delectable.

A little something to drink

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