Bonus Cranberry Parfait

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This simple “leftovers” way with cranberry sauce is dreamy goodness, a Bonus Cranberry Parfait. Try my mom’s incredible Cranberry Sauce with Rose Water & Pistachios here.

Cranberry Sauce Parfait in a dish

I think of this recipe as one to be done after Thanksgiving, as a great way to use leftover cranberry sauce.

But that title, “leftover,” just seems so unfair, so not enough. It’s like the use of “step-“ for those we love who aren’t blood. Mrs. Brady said the only steps in the house lead upstairs, didn’t she?!

I much prefer the term “bonus.” There, now that says what’s meant: how lucky, how fortunate I am to have you.

Hey, I understand that’s not always the feeling. But when it is, what a bonus!

So too when it comes to the bright glory that is homemade cranberry sauce. We make such quantity, as with other feast-day foods, just to ensure there will be plenty to continue eating after the feast is done and gone. In the case of Thanksgiving foods, there’s nothing “leftover” about it. There is intent for extra. This sauce was made with intent to serve well after the one giant meal.

The plan for your sauce is, yes, to be the darling gem of the Thanksgiving plate.

But also: layered, in a clear glass dish, with your choice of a white, creamy foil to the sweet-tart.

Cranberry sauce parfait in a dish
Cranberry parfait

I love labneh, loosened with a little water if very thick, layered with my cranberry joy. I can call that breakfast, correct? However, if there is bonus whipped cream or bonus heavy cream ready for whipping in the post-feast fridge, well, you know what to do. Beyond that, we may find a few dollops of bonus vanilla ice cream that never found its way to a plate of pie. Have at it.

What a bonus!

Cranberry parfait

Bonus Cranberry Parfait

By Maureen Abood
Cranberry and yogurt (Labneh, Greek, or plain yogurt) are a perfect pairing. But delicious with whipped cream or ice cream too! Try my mom's incredible Cranberry Sauce with Rose Water & Pistachios here.
Servings: 1 parfait


  • 1 cup labneh, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, orother white goodness
  • 1/2 cup cranberry sauce
  • Garnishes such as orange zest, lime zest, chopped pistachio,little biscuit cookie, pomegranate seeds


  • In a glass dish, spoon a dollop of the labneh, whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream.
  • Spoon cranberry sauce over that, making sure both are visible from the side view of the dish.
  • Top with another layer of white goodness, then a spoonful of cranberry.
  • Finish with a small spoonful of white goodness and top with garnish. Serve immediately.

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Author: Maureen Abood
Servings: 1 parfait
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