25 Thanksgiving Sides Recipes

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These recipes for side dishes will grace your Thanksgiving table with flavor and beauty. Lots of traditional recipes are here as well as Lebanese-American Thanksgiving favorites.

Lebanese rice with pine nuts and mushrooms in a blue bowl

Mom’s Special Lebanese Rice

Oh this rice! Studded with beautiful sauteed mushrooms and onions and finished with toasted pine nuts.

Cranberry sauce with rose water, MaureenAbood.com

Cranberry Sauce with Rose Water & Pistachios

Cranberry sauce is such a natural with rose water, which brings out the cran-flavor and balances the sweet-tart beautifully.

Rice pilaf with nuts in a yellow dish held by two hands

Mixed Nut Rice Pilaf, Lebanese Hushweh

Deeply savory rice with ground beef or lamb, and topped with a shower of toasted, salted nuts. A Lebanese-American Thanksgiving tradition!

Sweet potato wedges with red sumac on top on a sheet pan

Sumac Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sumac is a bright, citrusy flavor that enhances the sweetness of your roasted sweet potatoes.

Lebanese Fattoush Salad

I could eat this salad every single day and still want more! See how it’s done in my video, right here! Get the Fattoush Kit for the vinaigrette here! Find the recipe for the pita chips here. You can add cucumbers and any other vegetables you have on hand to this salad. The more the

Green Broccolini with Pine Nut Sauce and Sumac in a white enameled dish

Broccolini with Pine Nut Sauce

Tabbouleh in lettuce cups

Avocado Tabbouleh, the original chopped salad!

This Lebanese chopped salad is a labor of love! SO worth it! I use a blend of parsley and mint as the foundation of this salad, along with diced tomato, sliced green onion, cucumber, and my special twist: avocado! Be sure to select firm-ripe avocados that aren't too soft for this recipe. Serve the salad in little lettuce cups, Lebanese-style.

Lebanese Grape Leaf Rolls, a taste of Dier Mimas

For many Lebanese-Americans, the holiday feast would not be complete without stuffed grape leaf rolls!

Vegetarian Grapeleaves, MaureenAbood.com

Vegetarian Grape Leaves (gluten-free and vegan too…)

Vegetarian grape leaves are stuffed with a delicious mix of rice, onion, chickpeas, and peppers. Simple adjustments make this gluten-free, and vegan.

Best Lebanese Fatayer Recipes

Lebanese fatayar, or fatayer, (fuh-TIE-uh) are savory pies with delectable fillings. Fatayar are found in bakeries everywhere in Lebanon and in Lebanese bakeries in our communities around the U.S. Here are my best fatayar recipes so you can bake and enjoy this special tradition.

Satueed spinach with pine nuts, MaureenAbood.com

Sauteed Spinach with Toasted Pine Nuts

Roasted New Potatoes in a blue striped bowl on the counter

Roasted New Potatoes with Mint

Roasted New Potatoes with Mint are par-cooked, then roasted at high heat til golden. The result is buttery, soft interior. Toss the potatoes with lemon, oil, garlic, and mint to finish. If the boiled new potato is a thing of simple, great beauty, the roasted boiled new potato is thing of extra great beauty. The

Lebanese eggplant on a blue platter with tahini sauce

Garlic Tahini Eggplant

Gorgeous to look at and divine to eat! Eggplant gets a garlicky tahini sauce and a shower of fresh mint and pomegranate seeds.

Potato kibbeh in a square dish

Potato Kibbeh

Layers of savory potato are filled with lemony sauteed spinach and onion. A favorite of vegetarian eaters at the table!

Lebanese Pumpkin Kibbeh

This delicious blend of pureed pumpkin, bulgur, onion and spices with a lemony spinach and onion filling is one of the many versions in the great Lebanese kibbeh tradition. Use canned pumpkin puree or make your own. Use chopped frozen spinach or fresh.

Za'atar Potatoes, MaureenAbood.com

Za’atar Roasted Potato Wedges Recipe. And always on my mind.

Simple potato wedges take on a whole new flavor dusted with za’atar spice.

Roasted brussels sprouts with red onion, toasted hazelnuts, and mulberry syrup, MaureenAbood.com

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Hazelnuts

Make perfectly golden roasted brussels sprouts and finish them with sweet-tart syrups and toasted nuts.

Toasted Bulgur Pilaf with Zucchini, MaureenAbood.com

Toasted Bulgur Pilaf with Zucchini. Never too much.

Think of bulgur pilaf the same way you do rice pilaf–except so much healthier with all of the protein and fiber in bulgur. Use coarse bulgur, known as “#3,” for pilafs like this Toasted Bulgur Pilaf with Zucchini. It’s never too much! Find the perfect bulgur in my shop here. It’s true that I grew

Vermicelli rice in a pot with a wooden spoon and chicken shawarma

Lebanese Vermicelli Rice

The most essential Lebanese rice recipe, a simple rice that includes small cut pieces of vermicelli pasta.

Mashed Potatoes with Olive Oil swirled on a blue plate

Irish Mashed Potatoes. In the Lebanese Way.

Step aside butter! These very flavorful mashers get it all from olive oil and lemon.

Green beans with onions in a blue bowl

Green Beans with Onions and Pomegranate

Colorful and bright both in flavor and in the bowl.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Tahini and Pine Nuts

Tahini and squash are a delicious match and a very simple way to dress your roasted butternuts.

Za'atar roasted carrots with labneh on a blue floral platter

Za’atar Roasted Carrots

Carrots love a long roast, spiced with za’atar and a topping of labneh.

Brussels Sprouts with Dates and Walnuts in a blue dish with a silver spoon on the side

Brussels Sprouts with Dates and Walnuts. And a full report.

Brussels sprouts with dates and walnuts are so savory and a perfect balance of flavors. We eat this when we want to dress up dinner and share something special at the table. I want a full report. That was one of my dad’s favorite lines. He said it whenever one of his family was off

Roasted cauliflower on a sheet pan with foil

Roasted Cauliflower Shawarma

Give your cauliflower florets the shawarma treatment. These spices will excite all the eaters!

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