Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail

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Simple is the name of the game with this Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail! We love this spritzer all year round, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to a refreshing summer splash.

As much as I love all things to do with white, including a very pale white-blue-gray carpet around our bar, I still want and need bright red cocktails. Red wine, for sure. The deeper, darker, richer, the better. As Dan says, he wants his wine “chewy.” Bold is the name of the game here for mixed drinks too, especially when they include my favorite sweet-tart flavor on the planet: pomegranate.

This cocktail is yet another concoction dreamed up for my cookbook by the sister, mixologist-lawyer-small business owner and dark red drink aficionado. When I was working on the drinks chapter of my book, I realized that much of my leanings were toward the comfort drinks of teas and hot chocolate. Peg wanted her own chapter on the cocktail in the book, but settled for brainstorming (i.e., making drinks, tasting them, then making them all over again).

Ingredients for the Sparkle

Who doesn’t want to drink sparkle?! Even I, who avoids carbonation generally, can’t hold back on anything that suggests twinkling lights, low music and a large moon in the sky with the people I love.

We get sparkle in this cocktail two-fold: sparkling wine and club soda. Use a great champagne or a simple little split of prosecco. Fresh soda for fresh sparkle.

The Hard Hit

What takes this cocktail into next-level YES is the splash of St. Germain at the end. An elderflower liqueur, St. Germain has those floral notes we live for, all wrapped up in a gentle proof that still does the job.

Want to take it easy? Go non-alcoholic by replacing the club soda and St. Germain with ginger ale.

Ice Ice, baby

My son Michael, one of the greatest bonuses in this life a woman could ask for, has taught me the value of a good ice cube. Peg is in on this lecture also too.

Don’t, DO NOT, settle for the little half-moon cubes standard fridge ice makers give us. Either buy a bag of drinks ice, or even better, get a flexible silicone ice tray that makes small, deep cubes. These ice cubes make me want to drink a drink even more than the color, aroma, and sparkle of the drink itself. Glossy, frosty, perfect little cubes of joy.

No Pomegranate in Sight? Try this.

As long as it’s red (right?!), anything goes for your mixer here. Cherry juice is fabulous. Same cranberry.

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Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail

By Maureen Abood
Simple is the name of the game with this Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail! We love this spritzer all year round, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to a refreshing summer splash.
Servings: 1 serving


  • 1 part chilled pomegranate juice
  • 1 part chilled prosecco, cava, or other sparkling wine
  • 1 part chilled soda water
  • Splash of St. Germain for each serving


  • Mix everything in a pitcher or individual glasses with cocktail ice, and serve immediately.

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Additional Info

Author: Maureen Abood
Servings: 1 serving
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