Fall Soup Recipes

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Here is a roundup of my favorite, warm, fragrant soups to make in the fall. Lebanese soups are full of flavor and nutrition, and they’re simple to make!

Lentil soup in a blue flowered bowl with green herbs on top

Garlicky Lebanese Lentil Soup with Swiss Chard and Lemon; dressed up Rushta

Hearty, and deeply flavorful! I’ve taken this traditional Lebanese lentil soup and given it even more to love by adding chard and lots of lemon and garlic.

Vegetable soup Lebanese style in a bowl

Lebanese Vegetable Soup with Chickpeas and Kale

This vegetable soup with chickpeas and kale is hearty with sweet butternut squash, tomatoes, and a hit of cayenne. So warming, healthy, and simple to make–which we do, weekly! Vegan and gluten-free. One frigid, snowy day last winter when Dan was down and out with a cold, his sister Trisha brought over a big tunjura

Basil Zucchini soup in a blue and white bowl

Basil Zucchini Soup

Basil zucchini soup is a favorite all year. Yes, we go off-seasonal on this one–so delicious and cheerful, a beautiful soup perfect for casual weeknight meals or elegant company dinners. I get the chance to get to know some of you through your comments and emails, and sometimes when I run into you in person.

Fragrant Chicken Soup in a deruta pottery bowl

Fragrant Lebanese Chicken Soup Recipe

Ohhh the fragrance and flavor in this chicken soup will quickly become a favorite.

Kishk Soup with green herbs

Lebanese Kishk Soup with Garlic

Kishk is dried yogurt that is made into a warming soup throughout the Middle East. My version is loaded with fresh garlic.

Lebanese Green Bean Stew (yahneh or lubieh)

Known as yahneh or lubieh, this stew is even better the next day, so it's a perfect make-ahead recipe. We love to roast the chuck roast ahead and use the roasted meat for the stew, or use leftover roast to make this. Read more about how to caramelize the meat here. Serve with Lebanese rice.

Homemade Chicken Stock

Make your own chicken stock for soups! The process is simple, fun, and economical.

Koosa squash cooked in yogurt

Koosa in Yogurt Sauce

Koosa in yogurt sauce is light green squash cored and filled, then poached in a rich, savory sauce of yogurt and mint. Kibbeh is also wonderful made this same way; find that recipe here. Get the finest koosa corer made here, at MaureenAboodMarket.com. Watch my video on koosa-making here. When I think about my kitchen

Lemony Chicken Rice Soup, Avgolemono

Bowl of lentil tomato soup on the counter

Lentil Bulgur Soup with Mint Olive Oil

This bulgur lentil soup with mint olive oil fulfills the Mediterranean Diet requisites: legumes, grains, herbs, olive oil. Find the best of these ingredients at MaureenAboodMarket.com. I am pleased with myself if I’m able to work in a component of the Mediterranean diet in every meal or snack of the day. Herbs and spices here,

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