Holiday Cocktail Recipes

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Ready for a drink yet?! Here are festive cocktail recipes to enjoy through the holiday season, including a big eggnog punchbowl.

Eggnog with cinnamon swirl in a crystal punch bowl

Authentic Eggnog

The richness of this authentic eggnog recipe is lightened with a big puff of whipped meringue and whipped cream. You can go non-alcoholic, but the rum really does cut the richness.

Kir Royale with frozen berries

Kir Royale with frozen berries

Frozen berries with kirsch and bubbly, a traditional, simple, and beautiful combo.

Amaro cocktail on the bar with Amaro Nonno bottle

Amaro Cocktail

The world of Amaro is rich and deep! An easy Amaro cocktail is just the ticket before or after dinner, especially a big feast.

Orange Blossom Gin Fizz

Orange Blossom Gin Fizz

The classic Gin Fizz is made even better with a whisper of orange blossom. The froth on top makes for one of the prettiest cocktails you can serve.

Bloody Mary cocktail on the bar in an orange and gold glass

Peggy’s Bloody Mary

A few tips for a great classic Bloody Mary cocktail recipe, for your celebratory brunches and beyond! Mix your own or use a quality purchased Bloody Mary mix.

Daiquiri in a coupe glass with a lime wheel

Hemingway Daiquiri

This post is written by Peggy Abood, sister of Maureen! She is one of the world’s great Hemingway devotees. The Hemingway Daquiri is so refreshing, using fresh-squeezed citrus. Blitz all of the ingredients with lots of ice to go for a frozen Hemingway Daquiri. I know when the love affair started. I wasn’t looking for

The St. Germain Cocktail

Think of it: the essence of elderflowers distilled into a liqueur, brought to you in an unusual, many-sided bottle, boxed in a shade of blue-green with gold that makes you believe that today is actually situated somewhere in the mid-1920’s. It sounds dazzling, and it tastes ever so. The St. Germain cocktail made its way

Ruby Red Grapefruit-St. Germain Mimosa

Manhattan cocktail on the rocks on a marble bar

Mulberry Manhattan Cocktail

Here is a fabulous riff on a classic: the Mulberry Manhattan, using the blackberry-like flavor of Mulberry syrup. You won’t find the syrup just anywhere! Check it out here. Greetings from Peggy Abood! Maureen considers me her family mixology master, so she invited me to share some fun cocktail recipes and info with you.  I say

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