Lebanese Recipes for Fall

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So many delicious ways to cook Lebanese recipes right now. Here’s what I’m cooking:

Labneh dip in a squash bowl with vegetables

I love to serve vegetables and dip this way, with the dip in a squash bowl. Simply slice the top off, scoop out the seeds with a melon baller and make a scalloped edge with it, following the natural shape of the squash. To be sure the squash sits on your plate without falling over, cut the point off for a flat bottom. For the dip, stir mint salts into labneh (thickened yogurt) along with other flavor-makers like a squeeze of lemon juice, a pinch of dried or fresh dill, and chopped scallions. For an interesting addition to the vegetables, I love fennel stalks (they eat like celery, with that anise flavor), multi-colored carrots and bell peppers, and jicama. If you can find watermelon radishes, those are gorgeous and delicious too.

Za'atar roasted pumpkin seeds, Maureen Abood

It’s SO time! I’ll butcher a pumpkin with no thought of sparing it for a pretty display, just to get the seeds out as easily as possible. Once you try these, you’ll see why you’ve just gotta get more of those seeds for Za’atar Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.

Lebanese talami bread, Maureen Abood

If my Facebook friends are any indication, plenty of us are baking this bread right now! Garlic Butter Glazed Talami. The recipe is so well-honed, and the results are light, airy, chewy goodness. I’ve been known to pass on dessert just so I can have one more piece of talami.

Lebanese green bean stew, Maureen Abood

Lebanese green bean stew, also known as yahneh or lubieh. I had a good time going back to this early early post on my blog to share this with you! A luscious tomato broth, green beans, mushrooms (so versatile you can add what you like–potatoes, peas, have at it!) . . . this is Lebanese comfort food at its best.

Za'atar Chicken Wings, MaureenAbood.com

Oven Fried Chicken Wings (yes, with za’atar, if you like!). These will be at the ready en masse here on Halloween night. When my nephew and his buddies come barreling through the door, of course I’ll have an extra-big candy bar for them, but it’ll be the wings that they’ll fuel up on. So will will we, because handing out candy is so very strenuous.

Fattoush Salad, MaureenAbood.com

Fattoush. Call it practice for Thanksgiving, but I’m ADDICTED. And so I made a video and a kit out of it. However you get there, make your fattoush with lots of sumac, and plenty of vinaigrette with the sweet-tart flavor of pomegranate molasses.

Pumpkin cake with chocolate glaze, Maureen Abood

Chocolate Glazed Pumpkin Cakes. I shun pumpkin spice with total spite face, but my chocolate glaze gives pumpkin spice cake a new lease on life.

Apple slices with cinnamon sugar on a sheet pan

Snack! Apple Chips, and a blog post that warms my heart because it involves a field trip with kids.


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