A July Menu: Delicious Lebanese Vegan

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A friend of mine told me recently about a wonderful dinner she and her husband enjoyed at the home of some friends. The friends are strict vegans, and so was the meal–which was a first for my friend. She wants to reciprocate with a vegan dinner she cooks at home and wondered what ideas I might have. How great when I realized that not only does Lebanese cuisine naturally delight in the vegetarian, it is not difficult to go beyond that to put together a vegan menu that is fabulously good. It all sounded so delicious to me that I thought I’d share it with you, too.


Fried cauliflower with tahini sauce


Tomato salad

Green beans with toum

Little dish of pickles (including lift, pickled turnips)

Grilled pineapple drizzled with honey

Iced cafe blanc (orange blossom tea)

Flavor boosting tip: When cooking vegetables like green beans simply, salt their cooking water for additional flavor. Be sure to bring your water to boil first before adding the veggie for better control of the cooking time.

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  1. Christen says:

    Just an FYI: Strict vegans don’t eat honey. So the Grilled Pineapples should be topped with a different glaze (maybe pure maple syrup).

    1. Maureen Abood says:

      Thanks so much Christen. Maple syrup would be excellent here, a great suggestion.

  2. Gerald Wakeen says:

    I remember mom frying cauliflower and I have had it only once since leaving home 60 years ago.
    That was one day when my wife was gone, I chopped up a whole head and deep fried it, eating it all alone with no sauce, just salt. The first batch came out almost burnt, oil was too hot. The second batch came out better but it is hard to cook and eat at the same time. Finally got it right but you fill up fast eating a whole head by yourself! So I cleaned up the oil spatter from the stove top, figuring I had pretty well got my wish for eating fried cauliflower again. Then my wife came home and asked “what happened here”. Apparently she can see a microscopic trace of cooking oil from 10 feet away. 🙂
    Hope you all had a good 4th, wife’s family had a successful wedding yesterday.

  3. Janet Moore says:

    Yummm…what time is dinner. I made fried cauliflower (as a side) in one of my cooking contests. The judges gave me a little grief about it not being something that most people would generate to…well HA! The female judge (the complainer) loved it and I won that contest (not for the cauliflower though) but it didn’t hurt my win.
    Yours looks beautiful and very appetizing. See ya tomorrow…

  4. Uncle Dick says:

    Happy 4th to you and all the Family, Sweetheart. Sorry I won’t be up there in HS with you tomorrow. Your grandfather, Sam Abood, always said he would prefer Mujudara and Laban any day to a steak. I would give it equal footing with cucumbers included in the Laban salad.. Love to all of you. Uncle Dick