Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

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Rev up your Dansko clogs, my friends. It’s Thanksgiving game on.

I suspect you’ve got the star of the show, your turkey ideas, well in hand (will you brine? Fry? Or just let someone else worry about it?). We are brining and roasting two turkeys, mid-sized (Mom says no smaller than 15 pounds each; not sure that’s “mid” but that’s what we’re doing), and making a deep, dark turkey stock for gravy.

Tom turkey is going to have to fight hard for real estate on my plate—he’s more of a foundation, a crostini of sorts, to the world of flavors that surround him. Everywhere you turn in food this week it is a parade, of Macy’s proportions, of good ideas to brighten the Thanksgiving table. I like a good parade too, so here’s my own big, well-lit float:

 Arugula with Sugared Cranberries and Pancetta

 Holiday Citrus Salad

 Stuffed Grape Leaves (meat and rice, or vegetarian)

 Butternut squash with tahini sauce

Leeks in olive oil
How fun to have my recipe featured at The Guardian online this week, a reinvented Thanksgiving side. Check it out here.

 Talami bread and/or Sweet potato biscuits

 Mom’s best pie crust
We will be making five, a pentagon of pie, and filling with pumpkin, pecan, coconut cream, apples, and chocolate cream (that one is to convince the seven-year-olds that they do, in fact, love pie). 

Turkey leftovers:
Try making a warm, fragrant pot of turkey hushwe. Do it the same way you would for chicken hushwe, but with your leftover turkey.

 This is the time for a pita sandwich, rolled up with labne and veggies, salt and pepper, and whatever else you can think of to line up with your turkey tucked in there. I love these, and if you’re a post-Thanksgiving shopper or movie-watcher, you can take the roll-up with you as you run out the door, or head to the couch.

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  1. Thank you so much for all your yummy recipes!! I always look forward to recieving your emails and then trying my hand at your delicious treats.
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family
    Many blessings, Linda

  2. You had an earlier post of cookbook recommendations. I saw it I think late nov or early dec. ordered a book from the list the book store lost my order. Do you recall the earlier list? Or know how to see it.

    Many thanks and merry Christmas

    Terri Kazery

  3. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. you have certainly enriched our lives with your blog. we feel that we know you . enjoy

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours-ours! I love your blog all the time but especially at holiday time. Thankful for your creativity and for sharing it. Love,Rachel

    1. Thank you so much, cousin–I love how you are with me all the way. Love you Rachel, and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Maureen! Thank you for all your beautiful words, pictures, recipes, and, memories!!!

  6. One other thing, try cooking one of the turkey’s in a paper grocery bag. You won’t believe how great it comes out. Make sure the paper doesn’t touch the heating elements.

  7. Am I invited? Sounds so great!

    Been meaning to ask; Have you ever considered a cooking program on PBS? Why should the Italians and Chinese have all the fun? With all the soldiers returning from war there might be a demand for Mid-East cooking.

    Also, remember to do a Christmas wish list of gift ideas for us to consider.

  8. You are beautiful and I love your blog as it is beautifully written full of delicious, interesting flavors. And you are are quite funny and so personal. I feel like I have seen you many times this past year and we’ve talked over good coffee. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your wonderful family.

    Jo Ann MacKenzie