Postcards from Drummond Island

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The small-world meeting I had with my father’s remarkable law school classmate was also a big-world meeting–the big, beautiful world that is Drummond Island, situated along Potagannissing Bay in the Upper Peninsula. The island is cradled by Lake Huron in Michigan to the south and by Canadian waters to the north.

Michigan, you’re such a muse.

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  1. Fabulous pics! The sunset photo just became my new ‘background’ on my desktop computer. Thanks for the northern view, cousin.

  2. Great photos, Maureen. Can you tell me what is in the kettle? At first glance I thought, figs – then my eyes adjusted to the size & I saw a green tomato – and I’m wondering – is there more produce I do not know?! I feel silly asking!

  3. Gorgeous photos. And I love the one with all the signs! You look radiant, my dear. Let’s catch up by phone one of these days.

  4. What memories this resonated! Growing up, we used to take our boat out of Charlevoix on 2 week adventures through the beautiful Northern MI/Canadian waters and Drummond Island was always an overnight stop. Beautiful pics… you look fabulous!

  5. I thought those were tomatillos. A staple in So. Cal grocery stores (and in my salsa). Your pictures are not just beautiful but you make the subject in the photo so appealing. Makes me want to live there….in the summer months. And I’m afraid I am also stealing that last awesome pic for my desktop background. It is so spectacular I would actually like to post in FB to share with all my friends. Don’t worry…none of my friends would ever believe I took that photo.