Favorite Things: A Berry Bowl

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The berry bowl is, simply put, a colander that’s pretty enough to go from sink to table.

I’ve been infatuated with this little white berry bowl that I bought years ago and that I’ve managed to keep with me despite all of the moves. Seems like with every big pack-up and un-pack, one of my first thoughts is: where’s the berry bowl?

When the berries finally make their appearance, especially in years like this one when the “real winter” we had seems to mean “no real summer,” I have to buy a lot of them at the farmer’s market so that I can feel free to eat as many as I can get in my mouth while walking around, and then save some to enjoy in the berry bowl. That’s an instance where I put the berries, bowl and all, right in the fridge so they smile at me for the few hours that they last in there. I don’t wash berries until just before serving them, so they’ll stay plump and solid.

My berry bowl is nothing fancy; it’s plastic, light weight, and cost just a few dollars. I wish it was still for sale at Anthropologie, but I found this one that has a similar look. There’s more here, and here too.

Are the strawberries out where you live? My friends around here will wonder where I procured such profusion, such berry abundance. No, it wasn’t up north. It was south in Chicago last weekend, but they say ours are on their way, so hold on to your hat (or berry bowl)!

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  1. Maureen says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes! I do the EXACT same thing…but with my vintage gray granite ware colander! It’s a large/full size one…but I fell in love with it in a thrift shop. This is a bumper year for great strawberries here in CT. Extremely cold and snowy winter, lots of rain and then en early heat wave made them juicy and so sweet! I have a raised bed of them, 4X20′ and it was a dismal showing last year….I’ve now picked 8 colander’s worth and still picking. I’ve made 14 jars of jam and preserves. In my fridge now, I’m on my 2nd overnite of sugar soaking the whole berries for conserve. I love to freeze them in ziploc freezer bags whole for smoothies year round and those that aren’t pretty, I chop for muffins in the winter. Nothing to waste and to savor here in New England! Love your posts and glad to find you. I just printed down your mint choc ice cream…looks heavenly! Best!

    1. Maureen Abood says:

      Thank you!! You are a berry wonder!! That whole berry conserve sounds excellent.

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh! I do hope you enjoyed your real winter. We don’t get those here in the Central Valley of California! Our berries came and went more than a month ago. We’re on to apricots. And peaches. Peaches! It’s nice, but that summer delay of the cooler parts can be so much sweeter…