Postcard from Up North

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Those who cannot forgive others break the bridge over which they themselves must pass. -Confucius

(Holy Childhood Church, town center. Her bells ring at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day, a call that always asks us: how are you going to, and how did you, live today? With bridges intact?)

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  1. This amazing photo reminds me of how God’s presence arrives in the midst of our day–sometimes announced, as with the bells, and more often as a quiet and steady presence.

    Life is better with bridges intact. God bless those who elegantly repair bridges in the course of their days.

  2. Again memories.
    We lived near a Catholic church that used to ring the bell at noon and 6pm.
    I don’t remember noon events much but the 6pm ringing was our mom’s order to return home (for supper).
    That bell was rung practically off its mounts when WWII ended and many went to the church for prayer and thanksgiving.
    best, Jerry