Favorite Kitchen Things for Gift-Giving

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Pretty much everything in my kitchen is a favorite, right down to the red and white twine I use not in the kitchen so much as on the front porch, to tie up garland for Christmas or 4th of July bunting. If you aren’t one of those people who completes their holiday shopping by now (I am not, no, not at all), here are some ideas for anyone you love who spends time in the kitchen. Most of these come from the past year of my Favorite Things posts:

Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water. Is it obvious why?

Knives. A big chef’s knife is key for any cook who doesn’t own one. Same goes for the splendid tomato knife. Less sexy but critical is keeping the knives sharpened…if there is such a thing as a knife-sharpening gift certificate somewhere, I say yes.

Weck jars. These are special. We love them. Especially nice to give filled with something you’ve made. And if that’s not happening, fill with peppermint candies or evergreen and berries and tie it up with a ribbon. It still says happy.

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop. I gave one to my father once, with a set of ice cream bowls. Did he love it? Um, probably not as much as my mom did, because she was the one scooping his Tofutti (Mary, can I have a bowl of tuckfooti?) every night. The scoop cuts into hard ice cream like there’s no tomorrow.

Wooden Spoons. These can be works of art, and one can never seem to have too many. Even the ones I bought at Macy’s, Martha Stewart brand, proved to be darn lovely (walnut colored, slightly aged looking) in addition to functional.

Sabre Acrylic flatware. These pieces are like moonstone. You can’t keep your eyes or hands off of them. Spoons, serving pieces, any of it.

Vinturi Wine Aerator. Just a cool gift. It works, really works, at opening up red wine (there’s one for whites too) immediately. On its own or along with a bottle of good red, you’re good to go. How about a bottle of Lebanese wine, very special.

Good kitchen towels, hot pads, hand lotion. These are the workhorses of the kitchen that need freshening with some regularity.

Need to give a big daddy of a gift? Go for a copper gratin, a nice piece of All-Clad or Le Creuset. Or, on my own someday list, a Vita-Mix blender. It’s simply the best blender, restaurant-kitchen quality, and you’ll likely never have to buy another one.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Great informations on ….christmas gift. I needed to get something for my mom, I guess I found it!
    Thanks for this tip.

  2. Oh my gosh, I just ordered the Mymoune orange water (2) (just finished my batlawa but I will use the Mymoune next year, and start adding it to other things heretofore not thought of), Mymoune Fresh Fig Jam (2), and Mymoune Jam (with anise) (2)! I have never heard of this brand–what a find today from your always brilliant column.
    Happy Day to you Dear Maureen!

  3. LOVE the Mymoune ORGANIC rose and orange water with burlap tops. I have never seen this brand before–am sure I can find it on-line–Many thanks for this tip.