Favorite Things: Frosted acrylic spoons by Sabre

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We’re smack in the middle of a color explosion up north. Green green grass, burning bushes and apples, orange pumpkins that make your head pop off they’re so vibrant piled up out in the field on the farm.

And I hate to say it—really, I cannot abide anyone to speak of the end of seasons (other than late-winter) before it’s time—but I’m going to go ahead and say: all of this color is going to go bye-bye in a flash. That’s fine, yes yes, the cycle of nature and life and all that. Still, I’m going to get my color one way or another.

Here’s a special, lovely, and unexpected way to do it, with frosty, color-happy acrylic spoons, made in France by Sabre. These little darlings are a natural in the jam, fruit butter or honey jar, and they feel so good to the touch, smooth as silk. If you went ahead and took a bite of one like you want to because they look so delicious, I bet they’d taste swell. I bought a pack of six and had to hold myself back from buying the rainbow.

Get your color to hold you over once we’re into the next season’s palate of whites and greys and austerity (beautiful as it may be). Leif Shop is fabulous (look at the Sabre but don’t stop there) and there’s lots more frosty dappled action here.

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  1. erika says:

    Those are pretty and lots sold out. 🙁