A June Menu: Lebanese Lunch Alfresco

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There are few things we Aboods enjoy more than sitting around talking about what to cook and what to eat next. I suspect the same is true for at least some of you…. We get after it whether there’s a party to plan, a weekend dinner, or just lunch outside. Ideas fly and it’s a good time either shooting them down for this reason or that, or adding them to the list.

Putting together a menu that works takes some thought, but it’s not difficult and can be a lot of fun. I’m going to share menu ideas now and then that include or are made up entirely of Lebanese flair, along with a great tip or two to keep in mind when it’s time to think about a mneu to cook and serve.

Lebanese potato salad with scallions and mint
Grape leaf rolls
Tabbouleh salad with romaine scoops
Deviled eggs (try laban—yogurt—mixed in the filling)
Watermelon wedges
Chocolate chip cookies
Strawberry Rose lemonade

Menu Planning Tip: Keep the menu balanced so that your dishes don’t have to compete for flavor.

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  1. I have Lebanese potato salad in the fridge, my wife makes it the way my Mom use to, delicious.

  2. Maureen, your menu today reminds me of wonderful summer days in my Mother’s house. Had no idea her potato salad, with scallions and mint and I bet you are going to add some lemon juice to that as well, was Lebanese style, and hers was ALWAYS the best of anyone’s and now I know why. You know Maureen, you lay the foundation for the painting, and then you allow each of us to fill in the brush strokes specific to our own story. And this recipe is most pertinent, as Summer has arrived early here in Albuquerque and the thought of my Mother’s potato salad has me yearning. Have a most beautiful day, sweet Maureen.