Favorite Things: Paper Bakeware

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There are many reasons why paper bakeware is one of my favorite things, the first of those being that it is the darling of the pastry shop. The pros bake in paper so that they can give us our cakes and pannetones in pristine, protected beauty.

Plus I am a complete paper-aholic. If something is packaged in a pretty paper, I’m probably going to buy it. Paper might well be as much the reason I’d want to open a pastry shop as the pastry itself. I just want to have at those boxes, the labels, the ribbons…. The spectacular macarons at LaDuree in Paris are truly rivaled by the exquisite mint green and gold boxes and bags that they are sent away in. These are far prettier than packaging the jeweler sends off his diamonds and gold in; go figure.

Most of us have been baking with paper forever, but limited to the cupcake. This is the same idea, but paper bakeware comes in just about every shape and size you could imagine, so you can give away to your favorite people not just cupcakes, but loaves and tube pans of cake.

The paper bakes just fine in temps up to 400 degrees. The only caveat is to lower your recipe’s baking temp by 10-15 degrees because the exterior bakes faster in paper than it does in metal, ceramic or glass. Grease and flour the paper pan if that’s what’s called for in the recipe for the baking pan. Also it can be helpful to place batter-filled paper baking molds on a heavy baking sheet in the oven, both for ease of movement in and out of the oven and also for stability of the papered loaves. To remove the paper, just pop the cake out as you would from any pan, or just tear the paper away.

You can give cake away right in the lovely chocolate-brown and gold paper form, which saves you from figuring out how to gift without damaging your goods, and also from finding a decent plate to give the cake away on. Plus, the paper just looks so…special.

Paper bakeware is nice and cheap, so you can stock up now for the season to come. I get mine at Sur la Table, online, only because no kitchen shop I’ve been to in these parts is stocking it, probably because the paper is typically sought after only by the pros. You can also find a whole slew of options here.

It’s high-time for me to share some of what’s coming out of my Main Street Kitchen with the neighbors, and besides that I need a little visit with Mrs. Smith across the street. She makes everybody feel like a gem, and she reminds me about how to keep smiling when the going gets tough. So this week we’re going to celebrate the chill by baking something delicious, with enough to share.

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  1. I love the paper bakeware, but now I’m in trouble Sur la Table has closed, and I cannot find the 8.25 X 2 7/8 cake rounds I use for cheesecakes. Do you know here I can find some.
    Robin J

  2. Lovely! Now, all I need is a chill in the air to celebrate…I live in Los Angeles and it will be 106° today! I need fall so badly and your post make me need it all the more.

  3. Hi Maureen,
    Where can I get the paper bake ware? I really like it and think the loaf pans might actually be a good item to use to package my soap sets.

    1. Hi Shelley! I haven’t found it in stores here or downstate. Order it online in the links above in my post (Sur la Table and elsewhere online).