Favorite Things: Glass Sundae Dishes

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You know how I was all crazy earlier this summer when I got an ice cream maker, my first? The ice cream in all of its nuances has been my fascination these months, lots of successes (salty burnt caramel, dark chocolate) and some teensie weensie flops (overly salted like the ocean salty burnt caramel, low-mint mint chip). My bibles in all of this are The Perfect Scoop, and my newfound favorite, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

But loving ice creams, and making them so many times you hardly look at a recipe, leads a girl one place and one place only—and that place is more. The more of my sweet tooth has to do with sauces, nuts, and a big glass sundae dish. You know this; you get this. You are with me.

The glass sundae dish has been a fixture in my life forever, taunting me from a perch in my mother’s kitchen cupboard (why not have a sundae? it whispers). Grandpa Abowd served up sundaes in his candy shop way back in the day, and Mom keeps the sundae dishes as her treasure, along with her stash of a few serving dishes from his hotel restaurant, and the bentwood chairs round her kitchen table.

In what seems to be my subconscious and conscious drive to make my kitchen just like my mother’s, I search out good sundae dishes for my own stash; I bought some recently in our local kitchen shop, Spice Harbor, but I also love these. The bentwood chairs are proving more difficult to capture….

Isn’t the sundae dish a thing of beauty? Perhaps it’s the promise it holds that has me in its clutches lately, as though the more I touch them, photograph them, make sundaes in them, the longer summer will last.

I will say that I’m a sundae dish snob, or as I like to call it, aficionado. If my ice cream comes in a sundae dish that is too small, too narrow, and all of my sauce and melty ice cream goes running down the sides every time I put my spoon (my long, wonderful sundae spoon) in, well that’s a sundae dish for the birds.

The dish has to be big enough all around, and wide enough at the mouth, to do its job properly, which is to hold everything in so we can get our spoon nice and full as we shove it in our mouths. Which we’ll do this week with my all-time favorite sundae of all sundaes. Stay tuned.

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  1. anny says:

    remember parfaits?