What is Raw Honey?

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Raw honey is a delicious and healthy part of every day in my kitchen. What sets it apart from the others?

Raw honey comb in a plastic box

Most of the honey you find in grocery stores is processed and pasteurized. The high heat kills germs, removes crystallization, and extends the shelf life of honey. BUT, many of the beneficial nutrients of honey are also destroyed in the process.

Raw honey is untouched from hive to jar, not heated, not filtered, or transformed in any way. The best of these is guaranteed free from antibiotics, pesticide residue, and/or any added sugars.

Good for you, and the environment.

Honey on a spoon on a white plate

Keeping bees for honey is a sustainable profession that is one of the bedrocks of resilient food production. Their delicious honeys are 100% raw, single-origin (rather than blended), and procured from the most fertile locations in Lebanon.

There are many health benefits of raw honey. These include natural antioxidant, antiseptic, and digestive properties. This powerhouse can soothe a sore throat, ease a cough, and heal a wound. Note that raw honey is not meant for babies under 1 year, though, (potential for botulism poisoning in the very young).

Raw Honey Flavor!

Roasted sweet potatoes with raw honey in a bowl

Equally important: this natural sweet tastes great! The mouthwatering, complex flavor keeps us coming back for more; the health benefits inspires us to find ways to include raw honey regularly in our diet.

So add a hit of raw honey when seasoning vegetables for roasting. Use it as a sweet element in marinades for chicken, lamb, beef or fish. It makes a perfect natural sweetener in granola bars and quick breads.

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Spoon dipped into a honey jar


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  1. Reem Kabbarah says:

    Maureen! I’ve ordered this beautiful honey from you and I love it! I eat it straight out of the jar. In fact, I’ll go have some right now! Much love to you

    1. Maureen Abood says:

      Reem!! Thank you for sharing the raw honey-love, honey! xxx

  2. Thomas says:

    Please make it clear raw honey may contain botulism spores and should never be given to small children as it can produce botulism poisoning. As a pediatrician I have had to treat it in the family of well meaning ‘healthy eaters.’

    1. Maureen Abood says:

      Yes, thank you so much for added info. I’ve included more along with my initial warning not to feed to babies!