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Meat-filled dumplings in yogurt soup for shish barak with pine nuts

Lebanese Shish Barak

By Maureen Abood | February 24, 2023
This Lebanese Shish Barak recipe is a favorite! Get my step-by-step instructions to make little tortellini-style dumplings in a deeply savory, saucy yogurt soup. Shish … Read More → Lebanese mujadara in a pita wrap

Authentic Lebanese Mujadara

By Maureen Abood | February 24, 2023
Learn how to make authentic Lebanese Mujadara (lentil and rice pilaf with caramelized onions) with my step-by-step instructions for success! Mujadara is, in a word, … Read More → Lebanese falafel with tahini sauce on a plate

Authentic Lebanese Falafel

By Maureen Abood | February 23, 2023
Learn how to make authentic Lebanese falafel that is crisp, herby, and oh-so-dippable in a luscious tahini sauce. Homemade falafel is a thing of beauty, … Read More → Fresh Herb Falafel Wrap, Maureen Abood

Lebanese Recipes for Lent

By Maureen Abood | February 22, 2023
These Lebanese recipes for Lent hit all of the marks for fasting from meat: hearty, simple, and so flavorful. Plus, they are humble in their … Read More → Glazed cinnamon rolls in a pan

Soft Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

By Maureen Abood | February 17, 2023
Here is the soft glazed cinnamon rolls recipe of our dreams! Get all of the tips and step-by-step instructions for soft, pillowy rolls. No mixer … Read More → Strawberry cocktail with jam and gin in a coupe with a strawberry pick

Strawberry Gin Jam Cocktail

By Maureen Abood | February 10, 2023
Try this wonderful Strawberry Gin Jam Cocktail to get all of the fruitiness we love and sweetness from the jam instead of a simple syrup. … Read More → Baba Gannouj in a bowl with pomegranate seeds

Lebanese Baba Gannouj

By Maureen Abood | February 10, 2023
Lebanese Baba Gannouj is a simple eggplant dip made of just a few ingredients. The eggplant is charred to get the authentic flavor of baba … Read More → Beef shawarma on a platter with vegetables and tahini sauce

Homemade Beef Shawarma

By Maureen Abood | February 2, 2023
Beef shawarma can be made at home with great success using my simple recipe and tips. Shawarma is classic street food in Lebanon and throughout … Read More → Baked eggs topped with za'atar in ramekins

Baked Eggs with Spinach, Labneh and Za’atar

By Maureen Abood | January 27, 2023
Baked eggs with spinach, labneh, and za’atar are one of the simplest and most delicious ways to make eggs. They’re as do-able and delicious on … Read More → Cabbage salad with garlic and lemon on a blue plate

Easy Cabbage Salad with Garlic and Lemon

By Maureen Abood | January 19, 2023
My easy cabbage salad with garlic and lemon is SUCH a winner! It comes together in a snap and packs incredible fresh flavor. So healthy … Read More → Maureen Abood in the kitchen

I’m so glad you’re here! You’ll find among these pages the fresh and classic Lebanese recipes we can’t get enough of! My mission is to share my tried + true recipes — and to help our Lebanese food-loving community keep these culinary traditions alive and on the table. What recipes are you looking for? Let me know!

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